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Stalo Engineering & Consulting strives to provide high-quality engineering and consulting services for construction. From concept to planning and all the way into construction and project completion our extensive experience across the industry, customers, and conditions, allow us to deliver custom solutions that are built around your needs and applications. 

Additionally, Stalo Engineering & Consulting leverages the modular advantage in our design and manufacturing processes as we put modular engineering to work for you to complete the project of your dreams. 

Why Stalo Engineering & Consulting?

While modular remain a cost-effective choice for buyers, thanks to the efficient manufacturing process and quick construction, Stalo Engineering & Consulting can also deliver a structure that is wholly unique to the owner.  Buyers can choose from an impressive array of styles, floor plans, and can tailor a design to specific needs and preferences. 

Aside from the traditional concrete and masonry approach to construction structures,  we specialize in CFS (Cold Formed Steel) structures, for residential and commercial use.


Stalo Engineering & Consulting can help builders, homeowners, real estate developers choose construction methods and building options that can further enhance the sustainability, price, and the speed of construction of their designs.